Posted by: Brian Musser | December 10, 2013

Finals Week Prayer Requests Fall Term 2013 at Drexel (Day 2)

It is Finals Week at Drexel University and many other colleges and universities throughout the world.  Typically I try to post a prayer for the students taking finals each day of the week.  There are many examples of these prayer already posted on this blog-site.  For this week I’m going to list some basic prayer requests to guide us as we pray.

Finals Week Prayer Requests Day 2

1.  Success– Please for students as they go through day two of Finals week at Drexel.  Pray that they are successful in their studying.  Pray that they are not frustrated by little things like, misplaced notes or checked out books.  Pray that they are successful in retaining the information they study.  Pray that they are successful in reproducing that information on the exam at the required time.  Pray that all the final project and assignments due are completed well, the first time, with few time consuming inconveniences.

2.  Wisdom– Pray that students have wisdom as to how to balance their time studying for multiple subjects at once.  Let them know when they need to concentrate on their strong subjects and when they need to work through the weak ones.  Help them to keep those exams on Thursday and Friday on their radar so that they can be as successful on them as the ones today and tomorrow.  Pray that students make good decisions as to what content to study.  Help them not to waste long periods of time reviewing material that is tangential to the core subject matter.  Help them to study exactly what they need to know.

3.  Energy– Pray that they have energy and will power to keep going.  Pray that the effort they expend today does not haunt them later in the week.  Pray that they are able to eat and rest well.  Pray that they are able to replenish their energy.

4.  Assistance– Pray that they are able to ask the right questions, form the right study groups, find the right resources and solicit the help that they need.  Pray that students are able to encourage one another onto better results than if they going through this alone.

5.  Drexel and/or East Coast specific:  Pray that this snowstorm doesn’t complicate things too much.

Since this is the first term of a new academic year please keep first year students in mind as you pray.  This is their first experience with Finals Week.  Also if you want us to say any specific prayer for you or yours this week do not be afraid to list them in the content section.  And I know it would bless students to know that you are praying for them so let us know that as well.


Anything to add?

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