Posted by: Brian Musser | December 11, 2013

Finals Week Prayer Requests Fall Term 2013 at Drexel (Day 3)

It is Finals Week at Drexel University and many other colleges and universities throughout the world.  Typically I try to post a prayer for the students taking finals each day of the week.  There are many examples of these prayer already posted on this blog-site.  For this week I’m going to list some basic prayer requests to guide us as we pray.

Finals Week Prayer Requests Day 1

1.  Relationships–  Please pray that as students are becoming more and more exhausted, stresses and frustrated that they don’t take it out on each other.  Pray that students are able to extend an extra measure of grace to those around them.  Pray that they are able to look past annoyances and offer forgiveness to the little things that might otherwise cause major relational issues.

2.  Perspective– Please pray that students are able to keep all of this in perspective.  Pray that they are able to see the big picture and not just one insurmountable week.  Pray that they know no matter how this week goes that life will continue.  Pray that they have a sense of self-worth and value outside of their performance.

3.  Family– Please pray that students family members especially parents and guardians are able to be supporters at this time.  Pray that they don’t just add to the overwhelming stress and pressure but that they in a small way relieve it.  Pray that students no that they parent care for them no matter how the week goes.

4.  Pressure– Please pray that the pressure and stress is manageable.  Pray that students find healthy outlets to relieve the stress.  Pray that they avoid destruction means of de-stressing.  Give them wisdom.  And pray that some of the pressure is actually motivating for the students to perform better than they ever thought possible.

5.  Peace – Overall, please pray that there is a sense of peace on campus and in students lives.  A Peace that only God can give the Christ.  And a peace that brings others closer to a restored relationship with their Creator.

Since this is the first term of a new academic year please keep first year students in mind as you pray.  This is their first experience with Finals Week.  Also if you want us to say any specific prayer for you or yours this week do not be afraid to list them in the content section.  And I know it would bless students to know that you are praying for them so let us know that as well.


Anything to add?

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