Posted by: Brian Musser | December 12, 2013

Finals Week Prayer Requests Fall Term 2013 at Drexel (Day 4)

Its still Finals Week at Drexel University and many other colleges and universities throughout the world.  Typically I try to post a prayer for the students taking finals each day of the week.  There are many examples of these prayer already posted on this blog-site.  For this week I’m going to list some basic prayer requests to guide us as we pray.

Finals Week Prayer Requests Day 1

1.  Strength – At this point of the week study is often just a matter of will power.  Please that students have the strength to keep going even though they are tired and worn out.  Pray that they have the strength to study as hard for their last final as they did for their first.  Pray that God blesses them with strength when their strength fails.

2.  Identity– Always keep students in prayer that their identity is not completely wrapped up in how well they perform in class.  Pray that they know that their true value comes from who God sees them to be.  They are and will be valuable to God no matter what happens this week.  Pray that students sense this value and turn to the God who gives it.

3.  No Excuses – There are thousands of excuses student can use right now not to study, not to prepare not to work.  Pray that students are able to ignore these excuses and keep going.

4.  Joy– Pray that something happens today that just brings a small unexpected joy into each student’s life.  Pray that something makes them smile and lifts their spirits.

Since this is the first term of a new academic year please keep first year students in mind as you pray.  This is their first experience with Finals Week.  Also if you want us to say any specific prayer for you or yours this week do not be afraid to list them in the content section.  And I know it would bless students to know that you are praying for them so let us know that as well.


Anything to add?

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