Posted by: Brian Musser | December 13, 2013

Finals Week Prayer Requests Fall Term 2013 at Drexel (Day 5)

For many today is the last day of Finals Week at Drexel University and many other colleges and universities throughout the world.  Typically I try to post a prayer for the students taking finals each day of the week.  There are many examples of these prayer already posted on this blog-site.  For this week I’m going to list some basic prayer requests to guide us as we pray.

Finals Week Prayer Requests Day 5

1.  Hope – Please pray for the students who think or know that they did poorly this term.  Pray that their dreams are not destroyed.  Pray that those who have learned that this specific college or degree program may not be for them.  Pray that even when a dream fails there is still hope.  Life is still goo.  God is still good.  And pray for those who struggled but need to just suck it up and do better.  Pray for those who need to persevere through.  And pray for the wisdom to know which category they are in.

2.  Humility – Please pray for those students who succeeded this week.  Pray that through the success they are still able to remain humble.  Pray that they learn from this experience and it makes them better students.  Pray that they are able to glorify God through their success.  Pray that they are not overly confident when Finals roll around again.

3.  Fairness– Once finals have been completed there is a lot that depends upon the professors and assistants.  Please pray that the papers , projects and exams are graded fairly.  Pray that professors do not let personally biases prevent them from distributing deserved grades.  Pray that professors do not make simple mistakes that may cause academic harm.  Pray that students receive the grades they deserve and if there is any difference it is on the side of grace.

4.  Safety– After finals most students will be travelling.  Please that they are safe while they travel especially those going great distances.

5.  Happy Holidays– And I hope that you and all of yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May the celebration of the birth of Christ be exceptionally meaningful to you at this time of year.  And may the New Year be a time to celebrate the year that has passed and welcome in a hope filled future.

Since this is the first term of a new academic year please keep first year students in mind as you pray.  This is their first experience with Finals Week.  Also if you want us to say any specific prayer for you or yours this week do not be afraid to list them in the content section.  And I know it would bless students to know that you are praying for them so let us know that as well.


Anything to add?

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