Posted by: Brian Musser | March 17, 2014

Prayer Finals Week Day One

Since Drexel is on the quarter system we get the privilege of having Finals week 4 times a year.  This week is one of those weeks.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,

Lord, you are the Creator and Sustainer of all things.  As we study the variety of disciplines that encompass a Drexel education please allow us to catch a small glimpse of the God behind the it all.  As we work through our engineering classes help us to see the Grand Engineer.  As we study information technology and computer science help us to see You as the True Source of all information.  As we create and design art or fashion or entertainment for our term projects help us to connect with our Creator and Designer.  As we go about figuring out business help us to see a God who provides the resources necessary for His Creation.  As we learn this week and as we review what we learned through this term help us to connect with You, our God.  This might sound very strange but help this finals week to be a truly spiritual experience.

Lord, I pray for the students who will struggle through this week.  Give them what they need.  Be their comfort and support.  Help them to be able to use their minds to the best of their abilities.  Help them to be able to do their best.  And also having done their best help them to be satisfied with their effort.  Allow them to rest in the knowledge that they are valuable to You as your creation no matter their performance on a Drexel exam.  Give them the ability to separate their self-worth from their performance.

Lord, I pray for those students who will be facing anxiety and nervousness.  Help their stress to motivate them to work harder.  Help the stress to push them to perform better.  Do not let the anxiety to inhibit performance.   Do not let the nervousness to prevent recall.  Allow them a clear memory of those things that they studied.  Allow them to be able to calmly and accurately reproduce that which they know.  Give them the ability to do well.  Help the stress to be beneficial and not detrimental.

Lord, I pray these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ, AMEN


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