Posted by: Brian Musser | March 18, 2014

Prayer Finals Week Day Two

Since Drexel is on the quarter system we get the privilege of having Finals week 4 times a year.  This week is one of those weeks.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,

Lord, you have instructed us in your word to love you with all our mind.   We are working hard with our minds to remember a term’s worth of information, to gain mastery of three months of material, help us to see this entire process as loving you.  Help us to connect the act of studying and preparing with worship.  As we become a little closer to who you intended us to be help us to see this process as becoming more like Christ.  We can worship you with our minds by making them into the best they can be.  Let us take this opportunity to do so.

Lord, let us remember that this is not about how we compare to the person in class next to us or a distant family relative that study the same thing before us.  Let us not try to be better than the other guy.  Let us not hold ourselves to compete with someone else.  But let us truly try to do our own personal best.  Let us be satisfied with doing exactly what we can.  You have made us.  Help us to be  satisfied to be the person that you have made.

Lord, as we roll into day two of this exam period we will start to find the limits of our own bodies.  Help us to know when and how to rest.  When we rest help it to be good rest.  Help us not to be overcome with anxiety that we can’t sleep.  Help us not to feel guilty when we need to take a physical break from studying.  Give us wisdom to know when we should rest and when we should push ourselves just a little bit more.

Lord, as we get tired we don’t always make the best decisions.  Being tired can affect how we answer questions.  It can affect how we treat other people.  It can affect how well we commute.  It can affect whether or not we make safe choices.  Lord, allow us to be able to function well when we are not completely ourselves.  Do not allow the tiredness to lead us to do things that we would not otherwise do.  Do not allow the tiredness to cause mistakes and accidents.  Protect us at this time.  Watch over us when we are weak and distracted.

I pray these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Anything to add?

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