Posted by: Brian Musser | April 8, 2014

WORK-SHIP – Connecting our Faith to our Work

615 women men work shutterstock nmediaThis term Disciples InDeed (DID) will be hosting a Bible Study entitled Work-Ship.  Wednesday nights 7 – 9 PM in the Basement of the Creese Student Center starting 4/9/2014.  (The first week [4/9] will be in the DID office and the every other week will be in Creese Conference Room B.)  The study will consist of an 8 week examination through Scripture looking at how our faith should intersect with our work.

  • How often does is God described in occupational terms and metaphors, i.e. shepherd, potter, vineyard caretaker, judge, etc?
  • Did you know that the word for Adam’s first work assignment in the Garden of Eden is used often in Scripture to describe the work of the Levites around the tabernacle in service to the Lord?
  • What does it means that God creates humanity in their image and then immediately describes our tasks and work assignments twice in the first chapter of Genesis?
  • How has sin affected work and what work would be like before the Fall?
  • Since Scripture was written within the context of static work experiences have you ever considered how it communicates into a culture where we get to choose our own jobs?

Over this term we will engage these questions and many others as we explore the world of work from a Biblical perspective.  There are multiple ways join in the conversation.

  1. First and foremost any and downloadeveryone is invited to attend Wednesdays 7 – 9 PM.
  2. Then starting Thursday 4/10 I will be posting a Work-Ship related daily devotional on this blog in connection with the material covered the prior week.  Please feel free top follow along even if you can not attend the Bible Study.
  3. Finally, if you want the Bible Study to use on your own or wish to schedule an alternate time to meet with me to go over the material feel free to contact me directly through this blog.

Learning how to worship God through your work might be the most important lesson you ever learn as a Christian.



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