Posted by: Brian Musser | April 10, 2014

God Works

Work-Ship – Week One: God Works – Day One:  God Works

In the very first line of Scripture, God reveals Himself to be active.  We are introduced to God in Genesis chapter one through what He does.  Let us read Genesis 1:1  (I have copied the text from Bible Gateway.  I am using the NIV translation.)

Genesis 1:1 (NIV) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  

God is an active God.  God is a God who accomplishes things.  God completes tasks.  God works!  If God works then that means work is far more than a necessary evil.  Work is something that is ultimately good.  God chose to work.  God decided it was good for God to work.

When you hear the word “work” how do you react?  What emotions have you assigned to the idea of work? 

Often our concept of work is something that would exclude God from doing it.  We see work as hard, toilsome, tiring, time-consuming, exhausting, frustrating, boring, necessary and required.  All these descriptions of work seem to imply that a Holy, Infinite and Perfect God could not participate in such tasks.

The 1999 movie Office Space is a perfect depiction of many of our modern emotions, angst and misconceptions concerning work.  In the movie the main character Peter Gibbons, played by the actor John Livingston, ponders the question, “What would I do if I had a million dollars?”  He is mentally searching for his dream job.  His answer, however is nothing.  If he did not have to work, he would not.  Work was something that he puts up with to provide for the other far more significant things in his life.  He only works because he has to.

The eternal God did not have to create.  The eternal God could have done nothing.  But God chose to do something.  And then God chooses to introduce himself to us as a worker.  So our idea of work must be adapted in order for it to be something that God would choose to do.  Knowing that one thing about work changes our entire view.  No matter how bad your experience with work is there is something in the very essence of work that is good enough for God to do it.  There is something in the nature of work that is worth God’s effort.  Work is ultimately good.

Building off this idea as we look at work through the lens of Scripture and Christian Theology over the next eight weeks, I hope to be able to communicate a deeper meaning for work.  Theological consistent foundation for work that inspires us to join God in the work he started with in Genesis 1:1.


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