Posted by: Brian Musser | May 14, 2014

Work and Worship Part 2

Work-Ship – Week Five:  Humanity as Workers – Day Thirty-Five:  Work as Worship Part 2

We were created in the image of God.  That image shines forth in us as we work in a way that is not possible when we do not work.  As we work we display the image of a working God.  Displaying this image can produce worship in us as we connect with God in a new and special way.  We understand who God is in a new light and we worship God for it.  As we work we can also display the image of the working God to others.  They may come to understand God in a new light.  That has the potential of producing worship in them.

God works as a Trinity.  God the Father creates and sustains.  As our work requires us to be creative and sustaining we can work like God works.  God the Son redeems and communicates.  As we fix things that are broken and communicate to those around us we are working as Jesus Christ, God the Son works.  God the Holy Spirit is the convicter and enabler.  We can work like God the Holy spirit as well.  If we are aware of our work in connection to God’s work we may burst into spontaneous worship.  If others see the image of the Divine in us we may motivate them to connect with the God of the universe.

Humanity was created by God to work.  Doing what you were created for is freeing and is worship.  We were commanded to work.  Working in obedience to God’s commands is a form of worship.  We were designed to work.  We can see the grandness of God’s design in our lives as we work in accordance to God’s plan.  This can produce worship.  We work in God’s context.  We work manipulating the environment that God has created around us.  We work with the resources God has implanted within us.  We are completely dependent upon God’s creation in order for us to work.  In the proper mindset this can produce worship.  We work within the community God has given us.  We work with others as God intended.  Our working with others is a picture of the Trinity working together.  We worship God the Trinity as we work in community.

I hope over the past five weeks you have to see how intimately connected work and worship can be.  Work is an awesome way to lead yourself and others into a spirit of worship.  Work is one the greatest ways to connect and reconnect with God.  However; work is not the perfect worship producer that we have made it out to be.  Something seems to be wrong.  Because as we talk about the greatness of work there develops some burning questions in the back of our minds.  If work is so great then why do I feel so terrible about it.

Do you remember the first week when we had the discussion about our definition of work?  We needed to separate out those things in our minds about work that seemed to contradict the Bible’s depiction of a God who does work.  We talked about words like toilsome and tiring, exhausting and frustrating, and even necessary and evil.  These words do not describe God’s work.  They don’t describe our work as it was intended to be.  But they do describe the reality that we work in at the present moment.  If work is as great as we have pictured it then we have some serious questions.  Over the next week we are going to look at some of these questions.

If work is so great then…

  • Why is is so boring?  tiring?  hard?
  • Why is it so hard to see God in the job I do?
  • What happens when I fail at doing good work?
  • What happens when I can’t work?
  • How has sin affected my work?
  • How can I work in an industry that is deeply engrossed in others sin?
  • How much should I work?  Should I rest at all?

Starting tomorrow we are going to look at the limits of work and the affect sin has had on the world of work.

Anything to add?

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