Posted by: Brian Musser | June 23, 2014

The Text From My Invocation for Drexel University’s Commencement Ceremony College of Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems 2014

College of Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems 2014

Let us pause for a moment of invocation.

Creator of all good things, Lover of our souls, Healer of our hearts, Forgiver, Guide, Comforter, Friend,

Many great things have been brought into our lives that have made this moment possible; many things that were not within our control.  Others have given much so that we may be here in this place.  Family and friends have given of their time, encouragement, energy, resources to help us along the way.  Professors, advisors and peers have shared knowledge, information, expertise and wisdom.  And you have given life, design, purpose, meaning and sustenance. You have engineered a way through.  There were times when things were good and the path was easy but there were other times when we needed to be carried.  At times Drexel asked for more than we had to give.  But this moment testifies that despite the obstacles we have made it through with the help of others and with the help of you.  Thank You.  At this time and in this moment enable us to take advantage of this unique opportunity to truly celebrate with gratefulness and gratitude those gifts that have been given to us and to honor and thank the givers.

As we walk from this world of books and lectures and exams and all-nighters into the next world of 9 to 5’s and 40 hour work weeks and water coolers and coffee breaks, help that transition to be quick and seamless.  Give us the ability to apply the best of what we have gained here at Drexel in a way that brings about a lasting rightness and righteousness; that invites peace into the chaos.  Bless us with jobs, careers, opportunities and projects that are truly humane.  Help us to find work that allows for our unique creativity to be expressed, that helps us grow into better persons and that is truly engineered toward the common good.  Give us the grace to find meaningful and purposeful objects to design that are not destructive of the natural world around us or exploitative of others and their social contexts or damaging to our own selves.   Help us to always keep what we do in the proper perspective when it comes to who we are in your eyes.

At this time we invite Your presence, the presence of the Divine to be here with us, but not only for this moment of commencement but from this moment forward.  You are most welcome here.  We invoke your presence.  I will leave this prayer un-ended signifying that the rest of what we do will be in communication with you.


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