Posted by: Brian Musser | July 28, 2014

Created and Commanded To Work In God’s Context And Community

On Sunday, July 6th, I had the privilege to preach at LifeSong Christian Church in Elkton, MD.  If you are near the Elkton, Elk Neck or North East area of Maryland they would be a wonderful church to make your home.  I shared a sermon developed from the Work-Ship series that I have been constructing on this site.  That sermon can be found in an audio file at the link  Work-Ship.  Working as we have been created and commanded by God to work can be worship.  Working knowing that we are depended upon God’s previously created context and our God-given community can be worship.  LifeSong has been a wonderful and consistent financial partner with our ministry at Drexel.  If you are a church leader that is interested in having me speak to you or your congregation about the integration of our faith and our work please contact me directly via email  If you are a interested in supporting the ministry at Drexel personally or through your church like LifeSong please check out or ministry partnership site here.  You can find a lot more on the topic of our faith and work from me on this site by selecting the category WorkShip of clicking this link.


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