Posted by: Brian Musser | January 5, 2015

Disciples InDeed’s Events for the Winter Term 2015

Welcome to 2015 Disciples InDeed has some fun things planned for us this term.  We are in the middle of an organizational transition so be aware that this term more than any other the locations, times and dates of activities are subject to change.  Check DID’s facebook page for the latest event info. Bible Study will be weekly on Tuesdays at 7 – 9 PM on the third floor of the Paul Peck Problem Solving and Research Building on the corner of 33rd and Arch.  We will be studying the Sermon on the Mount so bring you Bibles and/on Bible Apps.  Guys may also want to hang around afterwards for accountability questions. DID Leadership Meetings will be held on Friday Mornings at 10 AM – 12 PM.  We usually recruit new leadership from Bible Study attenders but if you are interested in helping out lead DID contact on of the current leaders. Concepts and Core Values:  It’s Not All About Us  Saturday, January 24th  Cancelled due to logistical issues. Food For The Soul Friday, February 13th Movie Night Saturday, February 28th Concepts and Core Values: Life is a Beach March Saturday, March 14th There will be an opportunity to serve on MLK Day January 19th in partnership with a local church.


Anything to add?

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