Posted by: Brian Musser | September 21, 2015

Welcome to Drexel’s Fall Term 2015. Let’s Pray.

The Foundry @ UCity Chalk Art 022

Classes start today for Drexel’s Fall Term 2015.  For some of you this is your last year.  For others it is your first.  And there is a whole bunch of you somewhere in between.  Allow me a few minutes to say a prayer for us at the beginning of this year.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, Maker of all good things, Creator, Sustainer, Lover, Guide and Friend, Healer of our Hearts and Forgiver of our Sins.

Lord, we come to you at this time and in this place asking you to hear our prayers.  We are starting the process of another Drexel year.  Help us to get through it.  I pray first and foremost that we make it through.  I know that mistakes will be made.  Things will be done wrong.  Chaos will happen.  Evil will touch our lives.  Some of these things will be our own dumb fault and may others will be totally and completely out of our control.  But I pray that as this year progresses that nothing happens that we can’t bounce back from.  We may be beaten down but we will not be destroyed.  We may walk with a limp but we a still walking.  It may take every last ounce of strength and courage that we can find in you but at the end of things allow us to still be standing.  I pray that we lose no one this year.  The Dragon is out there looking for the weak and the lame to devour but keep us safe and keep us sane.

Lord, we not only want to survive but we also want to thrive.  We want to thrive spiritually, socially, academically and professionally.  I pray that this year is the year that we draw closer to you than we have ever been before.  I pray that this is the year that we not only find friends but we find brothers and sisters in Christ who carry each others burdens and sharpen each others iron.  I pray that this year is the year when find out just how capable we are and we use these minds that you have given us to the best of our abilities.  I pray that this is the year that we use our careers an majors to this world a better place for your Name’s sake.

Lord, I pray that if there are those you don’t know you as their Lord and Savior that this is the year that you make yourself known to them.  I pray that if it is in your best interest you use us to do so.  I pray that this is the year where you become famous on this campus.  This is the year that you are lifted high by multitudes of Drexel Dragons.  Lord, help us to be about you business eve as we are about loving you with all of our minds.

We pray these things in the strong and powerful name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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