Posted by: Brian Musser | March 14, 2016

Finals Week Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,

We ask you to be with us in this specific time and in this specific place.  While it is our prayer that you are always with us, you presence is especially needed as we walk into finals week.  This week is harder than others.  The demands of this week increases our stress levels.  The requirements of this week limits our time and balance.  Many times during finals week we struggle with getting enough sleep, getting any relaxation, eating properly and maintaining healthy relationships.  Lord, although we always need you, we need you more here and now.  Do not leave us alone.  Be present with us as we struggle through this week.  Bless us with being a God who is easy to find in the midst of chaos.  Show yourself to us.  Be obvious.

And as you show yourself to us allow your presence to be the defining realty of our worth.  Do not allow our successes and failures during this week and during this term to deceive us from our true value which is the value we have in your eyes.  If we do well, help us to consciously maintain that our success and even more our ability to succeed is a gift from you.  If we fail help us to realize that understand that the love of God defines us and not some grade on a paper or exam.  We are valuable beyond our performance.  We are loved in distinction from our accomplishments and achievements.

But do not allow us to abuse your love for us.  Do not allow us to use our position in your eyes as an excuse to purposefully underachieve.  We have been given this wonderful opportunity at Drexel to better ourselves and to use the remarkable resources before us to hone our skills and knowledge.  Help us to take full advantage of the educational opportunities before us.  Help us to do well not because we are trying to earn approval but because we are free to become our best.

And as we become our best help this week to be a small part in becoming Christ followers who use all of who we are in connection with you to bring the mercy and justice that defines your kingdom to those around us and to those throughout the entire world.  Use us to share your life changing gospel to the earth and use this week to make us better prepared to do so.

We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, the one who defeated death, AMEN.


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