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Unashamed Lecrae

UPDATE:  The decision was completely subjective but after my review of the comments below I decided to give my advanced reader’s copy away to Jon.  But anyone who wants a copy can pre-order the at the

BH-Unashamed_ShareSquaresLast week I received an advanced reader’s copy of Lecrae’s new book Unashamed.  First things first, I will give this copy to whoever gives me the best reason why I should give it to them.  Please give your reason(s) why you should be the one in the comments below.  One of the requirements for receiving the book is how you will get there word out about it.

With that settled on for my review of the book.  I read it in a week.  Considering all that I was doing during that week (you can those details in my previous post) that means the book is a captivating read.  Especially during the middle chapters it reads more like a novel than an autobiography.  Just like his music (especially his more recent stuff), this book is honest.  Here is a promotional video for the book.

A couple specifics that I wish to note.  Lecrae’s ability to described his struggles with fatherless-ness has the potential to become a voice for many.  His description of the disconnect between young African-American men and campus culture was profound.  This was something that I knew to be true but had never heard it personally expressed as well as Lecrae captured it in his words.  His honesty about struggling as a new, young, immature un-discipled Christian is a heart-breaking-ly true story representing uncountable silent others.

And then as Lecrae wrestles with the direction of his music I hope you hear a way to intimately connect what you do, who you are and what you believe.  As a campus minister on a large secular university in the north east, I am often an invited into a world that sees me as an outsider.  One that I have an opportunity to speak into.  And each and every time I speak into it I wrestle between speaking truth too harshly or being too timidly quiet.  If you are not struggling with the borders of your faith in the public sphere then you are either too comfortable within the world or your context is too comfortably Christian.

There was one sentence in the book that I disagree with.  Near the end of the book when describing his album he says, “The record represented the final stage of my evolution as an artist.”  I eagerly anticipate what new paths and directions God will take an artist who is willing to follow.

The book hits the streets on May 3rd.  You can pre-order it on the Unashamed website and receive a free gift.  Just for your information my advanced copy doesn’t have the pictures that will be in the released version.  If you don’t know Lecrae or his music this is a YouTube video of All I Need Is You



  1. From Blogpost:


    Hey Brian. This is Jon Rice (in case this comments section doesn’t show my icon). I guess I’ll start off with saying that Christian rap music was one of the major things God used to draw me closer to him. It was in-between my transition from high school senior to college freshman that my mom discovered Christian rap and really go into it. So much so that my dad started listening to it as well. Naturally, my dad wanted me to listen to the music also and I repeatedly said “I’m good. It’s probably not my thing.” But my dad was persistent, and eventually, I agreed to listen to the first three songs from Lecrae’s “After the Music Stops.” To my complete surprise, I liked it, replaying them over and over until I could get the rest.

    Once I was in college, I had been equipped with multiple albums of various Christian rap artists replacing the music I used to listen to. Not only did these artists seek to glorify God in rap, but they were reaching out into other global issues from a Christian perspective. In conjunction to this, I found my first church to attend regularly and everyone at DSC to help me grow in my walk on campus. But it was those three Lecrae songs that I believe God used to start that walk.

    Fast forward to now, and I’ve discovered how much growing I need and that I can only grow with God leading me. I don’t believe that Lecrae’s book will just automatically help in that, nor do I think I’m “the” person to be given this book. I have lots of books I need to and would like to read, and Lecrae’s “Unashamed” would be one of them. I just don’t think I had realized until now how transparent he’s been in his music. “Anomaly,” and his “Church Clothes” series are examples of how open he is about who he was, what he’s trying to accomplish and how he’s trusting in God to keep him on the walk he’s called to. I’d imagine his book would be the same, speaking unashamedly, about his life and how he’s been brought to this point. That sounds like a message that would be impactful on me.

    Thanks for doing this Brian. It’s really awesome!

  2. From Facebook:


    You should give it to me because I am a poor college pastor?

  3. From Facebook:


    Because I won’t only buy your daughter’s book, but I will advertise it to all of my friends who are early childhood majors, presenting it to the professors at LHU and you get to have me as a friend. Best deal you gonna get.

  4. From Facebook:


    Ooh pick me, Brian smile emoticon! I would probably gain an understanding for this artist’s faith walk, maybe it might have some insights that cut deep to my heart, and then I will pass it on to other undergrads in GCC’s ministry with the intention of it continuing to be passed along. Of course, I would also just by word of mouth talk about what I got out of the book with friends and encourage them to get it if it is that interesting to them.

  5. From Facebook:


    I’d be happy to buy it, but I’m curious what you think of it.

  6. From Facebook Messenger:


    I would be interested to see his testimony and if it is as good as you say it is share it with Aaron and New Life. And to answer your question “why”. Because I want to see how God transformed the life of Lecrea. How can he be so willing to evangelize. How can that be translated and used in my life. How can we as college students become lights to our campus. Ever since beach reach I have been trying to model the kind of mentality we had back in Panama City. The willingness to do whatever God willed no matter the cost and to be used to proclaim the gospel to our brothers and sisters who are not saved. I would love to see how Lecrea has adopted this life style and want to learn from him

  7. From Facebook:


    Brian because we go wayyyyy back. And you owe me for being mean to me when we played basketball! Hahahaha

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