Posted by: Brian Musser | September 20, 2016

An Exciting New Course at Drexel

Hey Drexel Students,


The Galileo Museum in Florence

Check out this new class for the Winter term.  The professor is Dr. Fraser Fleming, Chair of the Chemistry Department.  I know him through together with the Drexel Christian Faculty Fellowship.


Thinking about next term’s registration? Students entering the sophomore level or above are invited to explore a new online course with a spring break travel component. The History of Science and the Influence of Religion rolls out this winter term.  The course is open to all majors.


The course description here.


The CERN Supercollider in Geneva

How did science emerge as a powerful tool for gaining new knowledge?  What role did religion play in the development of science over the past five millennia? What insight can science and religion bring to the issues facing humanity in the 21st century? What does it mean to be human?


The course aims to answer these questions by tracing the progression of science and religion through human history, using astronomical discoveries to chronicle the positive and negative influences of religion.  Beginning with the Big Bang, the course moves through chemical and biological evolution, to the science of early cultures (Egyptians, Greeks and Romans), exploring paradigm changing scientists (Galileo, Darwin and Einstein) and concluding with advances in neuroscience that relate to the soul and self. The material will be delivered through a combination of online lectures, guided readings, journaling and discussions. The content will then be brought to life through visits to historic and scientific sites in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.  Guided tours of such places as the Vatican observatory, the Galileo Museum, and the CERN supercollider will deepen the connection between science and religion.  Students will better understand how scientific discoveries were colored by culture, religion and politics.



The Roman Forum

If you are even slightly interested check out the information session on October 3rd at 5:00pm at Gerri C. LeBow Hall (Room TBD), 3220 Market Street.


Anything to add?

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