Posted by: Brian Musser | July 10, 2017

Religiously Disconnected

As a campus minister, I connect with a population that is isolated from the rest of our world.  Due to some unique choices Drexel is less isolated than most but it still can be a world of its own.  College and university life is a culture unto itself and each individual campus has its own blessings, idiosyncrasies, greatness and challenges.  Every campus is like a different person that you must get to know separately.  So, I have made it a priority to get to know my campus and the folks that call Drexel their home.  That means I ask questions, lots of questions.  Often, I am surprised by the answers.

One day I was wandering around campus trying get a better feel for a certain part of school.  I approached a student sitting on the outside steps of his dorm smoking a cigarette.  I asked him some of my usual questions.  The question I remember asking specifically was, “If the church in America disappeared tomorrow how would it affect your life?”  I ask this one a lot.

His immediate response was, “It wouldn’t.  I have absolutely no connection with a church and I’m not sure I know anyone who does.”  But then he thought some more and put his Drexel business degree to work.  He continued, “Well, the church is a pretty large economic entity in our country so if it disappeared I’m guessing there would be a lot of people out of jobs.  That wouldn’t be good for our economy and that would probably affect me.”

I remember this conversation because of how honestly and completely disconnected this student was from the church.  If he and students like him are ever going to hear the Gospel, it will only happen when Christians intentionally leave their world and visit his.  We must purposefully leave our homes and missionally engage each part of the world around us that includes our campuses.


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