Posted by: Brian Musser | October 23, 2017

For God So Loved The World

I remember sitting on the side of Victoria Falls in Zambia almost a decade ago.  I had just spent a week providing HIV/AIDS education to churches in the capital city of Lusaka and hospice care to some patients with full-blown AIDS.  By divine providence I was also working through Eugene Petersen’s book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places.  A portion of that book stresses that every human being is the pinnacle of God’s creation.  On the bank of that waterfall I learned that the person I had to calm all fears to serve for the last week was more beautiful than one of the most glorious scenes of the created environment.  Not only did I get to wrestle with that truth but I had students with me on the trip who could experience that truth as well.  The specialness of each and every person was something I was taught my entire life, but I’m not sure I knew it until that moment.  “For God so loved the world…” became real.


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