Posted by: Brian Musser | June 11, 2018

Spring 2018 Finals Week Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty,

Our Creator, Guide and Friend, Leader of our lives and Lover of our Souls, the Giver of every good gift, our Comforter, our Hope and our ever-present Help in times of trouble.

Lord, we come to at this moment and in this place with praise and thanksgiving on our lips.  We would not have gotten this far if not for your constant presence throughout the term.  Lord, we are now able to take these exams and submit these projects because of your continued faithfulness to us over the last 10 weeks.  You have carried us up to this point and we are grateful.

Because of you faithfulness in getting us here we are confident that you will continue to be faithful.  Lord, help us during this week.  Lord, be with us in this time of testing.  Lord, walk beside us as our work over the previous time is being evaluated.

Give us the ability to perform well.  Help us to be successful.  Help us to understand the questions that are being asked.  Help us to comprehend the assignments that are being required.  Help us know what we need to do.  Give us the ability to remember that which we have learned.  Help us to be able to reproduce the knowledge within our minds clearly and coherently.  Help us not to be confused by the phrasing of questions.  Do not allow us to waste precious time on misunderstanding and frustration.

Allow us to study well.  Help us to avoid distractions.  Keep life from interrupting our designated study times.  I pray that the external chaos this week will be minimal.  Give us diligence to work hard and help that work to be fruitful.  Bless us with the wisdom when we choose which portions of the material to concentrate on and which portions we can gloss over.  Bless us with discernment as we determine how much time to dedicate to each class.  Guide and direct our decisions on when we have sufficiently studied and when we need to press on.

But also allow us to rest well.  Give us good sleep.  Help our rest to be efficient and uninterrupted.  Help us to be able to push worry and anxiety out as we try to sleep.  Allows to maintain good nutritional levels as we engage in a season of added stress.

But most importantly, in success or in failure give us the ability to see our worth not as measured by the score on a paper but measured by a Savior on a cross.  Let us know that pass or fail we are your creation and have intrinsic worth because of that.  And allow for this moment to be a moment when we consider the claims of Christ on our lives either for the first time or the millionth.  Get you glory through all that we do.

We pray this all in the precious and powerful name of Jesus the one who defeated death, AMEN


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