Posted by: Brian Musser | July 9, 2018

Do You Know Jesus?

Let me tell you about the time I met Moniquetta Hall (now Shafer).  Since I am a campus minister, you may be expecting this to be a story about how I initiated a conversation with a student asking her if she knew Jesus.  That’s not this story. Several years ago, closer to the beginning of my ministry at Drexel than it is to now, I was approached on a sidewalk that no longer exists, outside of MacAlister by two ladies with the question, “Do you know Jesus?”  The first was Lowell, a young female missionary sent to University City by her church in Korea. I hope you understand that last sentence. She was a missionary from Korea sent to share Jesus with us here in the U.S. The second was a young African-American Drexel student from North Philly named Moniquetta.  Allow me a moment to clarify the picture. We have a missionary from Korea who’s English language skills are not yet perfect and a sophomore student directly asking a Drexel staff member about Jesus. American to Foreigner. University Administration to Student. Male to female. White to Korean and African American.  There are multiple reasons why this conversation should have been initiated in the opposite direction. If we were in New England, the word for their actions would be “Moxie.”

Once the question exits their mouths, I feel a large grin overcome my face.  It almost results in a chuckle but I figure that laughing would be rude, at least laughing before I explain what is making me laugh.  So I respond, that I do know Jesus and introduce myself, handing them each a card that identifies me as the Baptist Campus Minister at Drexel.  The tagline on the card is “To know Christ and to make Christ known.” After that brief encounter, as I was hurriedly on my way to a meeting, Lowell, Moniquetta and myself start to develop a friendship.  As Lowell moved from Philadelphia to New York City due to ministry transition and in the absence, Moniquetta joined Disciples InDeed. She goes on to serve on the leadership of that Christian student organization throughout her Drexel undergraduate and graduate degrees. That one question and brief encounter leads to a friendship that has lasted to this day and even included me attending her wedding to another Drexel alum Jeff Shafer last year.



  1. Look how God works!

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