Posted by: Brian Musser | January 21, 2019

How Do You Share the Gospel?

I asked a group of alumni to make one minute videos about their experiences with Christian organizations at Drexel University.  This is the video submitted by Darian Davis.

I love how he talks about sharing the Gospel through what he loves.  It also encouraging to see how he is still using some of the lessons he learned at Drexel.  Since the video clip is only a minute long let me spend some time filling out the details of the story.  Several years ago while Darian was a student I took the time to write a post about one of the movie nights he hosted.

That article is included here:  Movie Night – The Dark Knight Rises (Re-Cap)

That was what he did back in college.  Now as an alum he works in graphic design.  Notice the practice he got from putting together the image for the movie night.  But on the side (not his day job) he does a podcast about movies that tries to use movies to bridge the generational divide.  At first it was just for fun but it has taken off and is becoming popular. You can find his podcast here at Film Loop (not a Christian podcast).

With all this in mind, I want to ask a few basic questions:  Who are you? What do you love? How can you draw folks into spiritual conversations based on what you love?  Are there ways to share the story of Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection through your passion?

Anything to add?

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