Finding the PEACE of Jesus (A 35 Day Devotional)

Baptist Campus Ministries at Drexel is founded on two ideas:

1)  The PEACE of Jesus Christ to change your life


2)  The POWER of God to change your world.

Every student, faculty, professional staff and administrator at Drexel has certain areas of their life that we are working on.  We have part of us that we want to change.  Some of these things are negative that we want to stop (anger, hatred, lust, etc.).  For some of us these things are positive that we want to develop (love, peace, self-discipline, etc.).  I firmly believe that a faith-based relationship with Jesus Christ made possible through His life, death and resurrection provides us with the ability to make those wanted changes in our life.  Through the PEACE available in Jesus we can become the person we want to be and who God created us to be.


Every student, faculty, professional staff and administrator at Drexel sees certain areas of their world that we are working on.  Things about this world are wrong and we want to change them for the better.  I firmly believe that the POWER available through a restored relationship with the God of the universe through Jesus Christ’s life death and resurrection allows us to change our world.  We can make this world a better place.

For the next 35 days we are going to concentrate on the first idea.  How do we connect with Christ in such a way that His PEACE changes us?  (The second idea is part of a continuing story.)  I have chosen to use the word PEACE as an acrostic to remember five key disciplines that will help us connect.

Personal conversations with God – Prayer

Education in the Word of God – Bible Reading

Adoration of the Trinity – Worship

Challenge to be like Christ – Discipleship

Engagement with other believers – Fellowship/Accountability

We will spend a week (seven days) on each of these five disciplines devotionally building from one to another.  It is my prayer and expectation that as we practice these five disciplines over the next 35 days we will form the spiritual habits that will be lifelong tools that allow the PEACE available in Jesus Christ to work on us.

My intended audience is new believers who are starting in their faith and/or believers who have never been discipled and do not have spiritual disciplines rooted in their lives.  Many Christians who have been consistent in their faith and practice will find this devotional basic.  That is how it is intended.  It is not my intention to teach us everything there is to know about prayer.  My intention is to teach us the basics about prayer and develop it as a habit in our lives.  I’m hoping that the adage of needing 21 days to form a habit is true.  If we form the habit of prayer, Bible study, worship, discipleship and fellowship then we have the rest of our lives to plumb the depths of each.

God never intended for us to journey through this Christian life alone.  Even though, our devotional lives will be some of the most intimate and personal times we spend with the Lord, I would encourage us to work through this beginning devotional in community.  Begin to develop the habit with others.  We will explore this idea of fellowship and accountability in the last week of the devotional but for now find a partner to go through this with you.  The person can either be a mentor or a peer.  Although face to face is always the best, today it is possible to work through this with someone and connect with them via electronic means (i.e. g-chat, skype, cell phone etc.)  Find a partner to walk with you for the next 35 days.  Also, find a church.  There are some pieces to each of these spiritual disciplines that can only be truly experienced in a larger community.  We were made to be in a community.  The Christian faith was intended to be practiced in the community of the church.  (If you are part of the Drexel community and need to find either a partner to work with you through this devotional and/or a local church to connect with feel free to contact me directly.  That is what I am here for.)

The goal of this devotional is to develop the spiritual disciplines and habits over the next 35 days that will allow the PEACE of Jesus Christ to change our lives for the better.  Is that what you want?  Are you willing to join me in the journey?  If so let’s begin.

Week One: Prayer – Personal Conversations with God

  • Day 1 Getting Started with the Lord’s Prayer
  • Day 2 Worship through Prayer
  • Day 3 Confessing Sin in Prayer
  • Day 4 Asking God to Bless Us
  • Day 5 Asking God to Bless Others
  • Day 6 Thanking God for His Blessings
  • Day 7 Praying with Others

Week Two:  Scripture – Education in the Word of God

  • Day 8 Loving God’s Word
  • Day 9 God’s Word Is Truth
  • Day 10 God Speaks through the Scriptures
  • Day 11 The Bible Is about Jesus
  • Day 12 Scripture Is Vital for Changing Our Hearts
  • Day 13 Scripture Is Powerful to Change Us
  • Day 14 Asking Others about Difficult Scriptures Is Important

Week Three:  Worship – Adoration of the Trinity

  • Day 15 Worship God the Creator
  • Day 16 Worship God because He Is Holy
  • Day 17 Worship Jesus because of His Sacrifice for Us
  • Day 18 Worship God because He Takes Care of Us
  • Day 19 Worship God because of His Faithful Love
  • Day 20 Worship God because He Is in Control
  • Day 21 Worship God with Others

Week Four:  Discipleship – Challenge to Be Like Christ

  • Day 22 Christ Is our Example
  • Day 23 God Is Changing Me to Be Like Christ
  • Day 24 Renew Your Mind so that You Think Like Christ
  • Day 25 Obedience and Love Are Connected
  • Day 26 Being Like Christ Is about Love
  • Day 27 Bearing Fruit
  • Day 28 Christian Role Models

Week Five:  Fellowship and Accountability – Engagement with other Believers

  • Day 29 You Need Help in Your Spiritual Life
  • Day 30 Relationships that Restore
  • Day 31 Relationships that Help Us become like Christ
  • Day 32 Praying for Each Other’s Sins
  • Day 33 Real Church Relationships
  • Day 34 United and Maturing
  • Day 35 The Journey Continues


  1. […] Finding the PEACE of Jesus (A 35 Day Devotional) […]

  2. […] Finding the PEACE of Jesus (A 35 Day Devotional) […]

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